True to its name, AFK meaning ‘Away From Keyboard’, gives you a chance to win rewards and perform without actually playing. This is a big relief for anyone who could have lost to an AFK player, I bet it was quite painful playing but having lost to someone who was not playing. You now get the chance to be this away from keyboard player! AFK arena mod APK is a mobile gaming app for android available at Google play store. It is a free download and has a small size of just 101 MB.


Afk arena mod apk unlimited money is a wonderful game that is endless and difficult to fully explain. The contents of the game get richer and richer since it is not only about historical elements but also an amazing combination of imagination and culture. If you are a player who likes fantasy, then this is your game.

It has majestic elements of fiction and beautiful images that make you feel like you are watching an animation or reading a comic. These beautiful images both dark and light colors are carefully woven together to give you a wonderful view.

The game is based on land called Esperia. In the beginning, both life and death were equal and Dura, the goddess of light brought lives in Esperia and was thus the mother of all lives. All these lives adored her since she was an advocate for peace, harmony, and prosperity. On the other hand, Annih, the God of death, was very much loathed.

Out of rage, he created evil and powerful creatures, the Hypogeans. These armies proceeded to Esperia to destroy lives and thus war broke out. At long last, Dura and the Esperians manage to send the Hypogeans away.

Dura, however, cannot continue to fight for Esperia and in her last words she divides her power into seven artifacts that are hidden away from the Esperians, to be returned should the Hypogeans come back.

After a long time, the evil Hypogeans have recollected themselves and are now very much ready to destroy all species in Esperia. The people in Esperia, now without Dura as their leader, have to stand strong and fight these powerful and evil enemies on their own.

As a player, your main objective is now to help them fight the war and gather all the hidden seven artifacts with which the power they unleash will defeat the Hypogeans.

Afk Arena Mod Apk Features

1. High-quality graphics

The app gives you the best visual experience on your android device. The images are beautiful and the characters mesmerize with their hand-drawn quality giving you total gaming satisfaction.

2. High-quality sounds and music.

The game’s audio effects are completely at another level. They fully immerse you into the game and its environment; they are based on the atmosphere and the mystery surrounding the game.

3. A variety of heroes with a variety of powers

You can collect a variety of heroes for your team. You have an opportunity to choose heroes from a variety of backgrounds with their unique skills and powers. There seven different factions with different powers, representing the seven artifacts left by Dura. The heroes come from different backgrounds thus each has its unique design, powers, and traits. After you pick them, and as the game progresses, they develop more skills and each gains its unique character.

4. The battles are a genius design and are highly strategic

The game developer can remove the monotony of any kind to give you unpredictable battles. You get a chance to explore different approaches to the battle and develop your team. You learn more game tactics and how to use your heroes for an epic performance.

5. Unlimited money

With this afk arena apk mod, you get daily missions that give you a chance to collect many rewards. Complete these daily quests and you achieve special rewards that enable you to strengthen your squad. You, therefore, find yourself craving for this game so that you can immerse yourself into these missions and collect as many rewards as you wish to.

6. You can play the game online with other gamers

You can enjoy these online adventures with your friends and other people across the world. In these Arena challenges, you have a chance to compete or form alliances with other online gamers for the best gaming experiences. With this afk arena mod apk for android, you can send friend requests easily with other gamers and have a chatting platform.

7. Free download

For any android device, you can download afk arena mod apk free of charge. Just go to the Google Play Store and afk arena mod apk download with a size of 102 MB. Your device should have an android version of at least 4.1.

8. Access to areas of mystery that make the game more exciting

You have access to the Dark Forest, whose experience is quite epic. You, therefore, enjoy interesting scenes throughout the game. You can compete in different sceneries: King’s tower, Arena of heroes, Bounty Board, et cetera.

Afk Arena Mod Apk Versions

Name: AFK arena

Version: 1.36.05

Mobile requirements: Android 4.1 +

Category: role playing

Update: 2020-04-09

Rating: 9.2

Size: 101 MB

Available at: Google play store

How to Install Afk Arena Apk

To install afk arena mod apk latest version file is quite easy.

•    Go to your Google play store and search for the game

•    Click on the install option

•    Accept terms and conditions

•    Give time for download and installation

If you have a link for the game:

•    Go to settings- security, then turn on the ‘unknown sources’

•    Click on the link

•    Download and install


For any gamer who likes fantasy, this is your game. It is mysterious and with mesmerizing audio and visual effects. With this latest update, the afk arena mod apk is even more epic. The adventure you enjoy is at another new level with the additional four heroes, 60 new campaign levels and 4 faction towers. Grab your free download and join me as we free Esperia today!

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