Avg Cleaner Pro Apk 2020 (Updated) Version 4.22.1

Avg Cleaner Pro Apk is an application that every Android phone user should have installed in their devices. Many people are using Android Smart-phones, whether new or old, and this represents about 75% of the total mobile phones in the markets.

With an old phone, you can enjoy a faster application of your phone like the one using a new and advanced phone. Avg cleaner pro mod 4.22.1 is the best app that will speed up any android device that you own. More than 2.5 billion people are using android, do not be left behind.


Avg cleaner is a way of cleaning android devices faster and easily. It is a great smartphone manager and an optimization tool that was made available on Google Play Store on 30th April 2013 by the AVG Mobile. Avg cleaner pro for android version 4.22.1 has further advanced features that leave your phone with a lot of free space.

Avg cleaner pro Apk is a quality edition of the official AVG cleaner that gives you all features such as cache cleaner, battery saver, booster, and many more. Using an android device for many years may result in cache and junk file creation that takes more memory space, decreasing its overall performance.

You can get an avg cleaner pro download for free or subscribe to the avg cleaner pro mod apk at a fee. The free version contains some ads issues and lesser features compared to the paid one.

Features of Avg Cleaner Pro Paid Apk

Prolong battery life

When a phone is new, it uses very low power compared to when it is old. The avg cleaner pro mod apk analyses the apps that are consuming more power and close them down to save extra power. You will be able to change power saver mode strength through controlling some profiles such as a low battery, home, work, or vehicle. You can also create your custom profile style.

Clean cache and junk files

This feature is the best of avg cleaner pro apk. It is capable of cleaning even hidden browser and cache cookies. You need a single click, and all the junk files will be removed from your phone, freeing up huge memory space.

Apps manager

Apps make Android devices extra useful. However, several applications may not be of great importance and end up consuming more storage space. Avg cleaner pro apk full version gives you an overview of all the resources and apps in your device. You can uninstall those apps that you use rarely or do not use at all. You will get all information about the apps’ power usage, data consumptions, and the available space in the device.

Set & forget

This feature allows you to make setting and time intervals then the avg cleaner pro mod will automatically do the cleaning for your device to run smoothly. Just choose the time for cleaning and leave the rest to the avg cleaner. The auto-reminder will make it easy to look for clutter junk and clean using one click.

Image clean up

Cleaning duplicate and other unnecessary photos from your device may be difficult as well as time-consuming. Avg cleaner pro apk cleans these photos easily using very little time. You just need to click on the photo button to scan your device’s gallery.

The avg cleaner pro mod apk will identify blurry, duplicate, and noisy photos automatically. You will have the chance of unselecting the ones you wish to keep and delete the rest.

You will always retain outstanding photos as this app always asks you to review the ones it is not sure about. This will create more space in your phone. You can also use the cloud transfer attribute to get an additional backup layer.

File Information/Versions

  • App name: AVG Cleaner Pro Apk
  • Developer: AVG Mobile
  • Available at: Google Play Store
  • Mod Version: 4.22.1
  • Size: 14 mb
  • Mod features: cracked plus PRO Unlocked
  • Updated on: 7th May, 2020

How to Install

Installing avg cleaner pro apk is a straightforward task. Below are some steps to follow to install the avg cleaner application:

  • Click the ‘Go to Download Page’ button. You will then be redirected to the page.
  • Having all details about the avg cleaner, you then click on the ‘Start Download’ key. After clicking, you will be directed to Google Drives page.
  • Click on the key, ‘Download’. AVG cleaner pro apk (V4.22.1) will start downloading into your device.
  • After downloading the VG Cleaner apk, find the way to file manager to open the file. It will display some warnings as you install. Offer consent, and you are now all set to go.
  • After you are through with the installation, open the AVG cleaner on the ‘Open’ key.
  • To commence scanning your Android device, click the ‘Quick Cleanup’ key to identify folder and junk files. You will have an easy time as this app has a straightforward interface that is very friendly, even to new users.

Remember to uninstall any preceding version of the AVG Cleaner, or else it will fail to install the current one.

Final Words

AVG Cleaner pro apk 2020 is the recent online application in the market. Being the best app to clean up storage and junk resources, it has won very may people’s hearts making it a top-rated app. Do not stay any longer with a phone that keeps hanging up every time you use it.

This app is ad-free, and so you will have a smooth time installing and using. It manages your data consumption and boosts your device memory with just a single click. Get the avg cleaner pro apk full version download, and your phone will run smoothly and fast.

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