Bitlife mod APK 2020 (updated) version 1.27.2

Bitlife mod apk is a simulation game which is developed to offer you a whole new experience on a different new life. This game is developed by a publisher candywriter which has made a whole new world in the gaming community with just four games. Below, I will review the bitlife game and help you understand more about it and why you should download it today.

Bitlife game Overview

  • Name.   BitLife
  • Developer.  Candywriter
  • Category.  Simulation
  • Version.    1.27.2
  • MOD features.  Bitizenship unlocked
  • Size.   92 mb
  • Requires.  5.0 and above
  • Last updated.   13/05/2020

But Life Game Features

Game play

When it comes to gameplay, bitlife APK mod is like a visual novel game. The main difference between the two is that with bitlife you will get to select an action for each and every main character’s time. This isn’t the case with visual novel where you only get to select the lines of the character.

You will find a list of different events for every year including your first vaccination trip with your parents. You can select your action of either biting your mom to protest or you can choose to just sit calmly. You will have an option to select the age of the character to see what happens in their daily life.

You will find four indicators for each character and these include health, look, happiness and smart. Each indicator will have an impact on the future of the character. However, health is by far the most important indicator as it will give you more opportunities in the future. Some choices that you may select can end up leading your character to death at a very young age.

Time machine

There are points in our lives where we wish we could just go back in time and change something in hopes that the future will be brighter. This is not possible in real life and it only remains an imagination of what it would be like.

However, with bitlife mod APK time machine you can get the opportunity to go back in time and change some choices you made so that your future can be different. This feature lets you go back a year or even a few years to help you change some terrible decisions you may have made.

Bitlife design

This game features some light experiences unlike 3D graphics that have got eye catching effects. With this game it’s like enjoying a book because it has an interface made as a dairy of the protagonist. With each choice you make, a memorable annual event will always be showing your screen.

Love feature

Another extremely interested feature of this game is the looking for love feature. Here, you will be allowed to date and eventually marry any of the girls who may come in your life. You will have to make the best selection because the wrong move will destroy your future.


Managing your finances is another feature on this game. As you grow up, you will find that you need to manage your finances and spend it on different important things. Bitlife mod menu APK has the assets option which is designed to help manage the assets you may have acquired. It could be cars, real estate, a company or anything else. If you want to own a property, you will have to be at a certain age.

18 years

This is an important part of anyone’s life. The choices that you will make once you clock 18 will either influence your future positively or negatively. Once your 18 in this game, you can start attending University join the army or even get a job so that you can be able to get some money. Whether your childhood was hard in the beginning, the choices you make in at that age can help you get a better future.

File information/versions

Bitlife 1.27.2 is the latest file update. It comes with lots of a lot of upgrades on different items that make gaming more interesting compared to the last version.  The bitlife mod APK unlimited money will get you numerous things such as helicopters, hot air balloon, private jets, blimps, yachts, diamonds and many more.

You will also get to own watercrafts, aircrafts, jewelry, get a boating license, fight school and also test being a pilot. You can also get to propose and buy an engagement ring in the latest version. Bitlife has got 29 previous versions with the 1.6.1 as the first version.

How to install the bitlife mod APK

Installing this game is easy and you can start by opening your browser. Search for the bitlife APK mod file. Once you find it open it and then click on the bitlife APK download to start installing it. Make sure you have an active internet connection. You will see the APK starting to download.

Once you have downloaded and installed it, you can then open it to start enjoying the game. The fastest and easy bitlife download for Android is by opening your play store, search for bitlife game and then click on install. It should be able to download and then install on your Android phone.


The best view on life can be seen through the bitlife mod APK. This game is not just a simulation game but rather a great opportunity to see how your life can be. With the numerous features, you will have a chance to live your life in a whole new world. While life can lead us to make different choices, it also helps us to open up to different new opportunities.

With this game you only have to be with a positive attitude in order to live longer and also have a great future. You can get to do everything and own whatever you can’t have in real life as long as you make the right choices. Each decision you make has consequences not only in real life but also this game will always remind you just that. Install this life today and challenge yourself at being a better person with a great future.

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