Choices Mod Apk 2020 [Updated] Version 2.7.1

Choices mod apk is a game for all love, horror, and funny stories lovers. Here, you can experience romance, fantasy, drama, and other stories. I mean the world of stories in choices apk mod game never end. This is a nice game to relax after a long day of work. Most teenagers are a lover of this game. If you have not tried it out yet, just install and enjoy the experience.

Just imagine an incident where one choice you make changes the whole story. We can say that in this game, the future is unpredictable. This is because different characters will make different choices that turn the story all around.

Yes, there are characters in this game. We are going to go in detail about everything you get in this game. It is time to have fun with stories. Are you ready to know about this interesting game? Well, let’s get to that.


Choices stories you play mod apk is a home for people with different tastes of stories. There is drama, horror, romance, and other genres of stories. Pixelberry is the company that publishes this story.

You choose a character from the game. You are responsible for making choices and decisions for the character you choose. You cannot necessarily make the character be exactly like you, but you have full control over the decisions.

The different genre allows you to make different choices. You need to make the right choice for example to get love, or fight evil. Remember that in the choices mod apk game, the choice you make can change the whole story.

Therefore, you cannot predict how the story will end at the beginning of making decisions. You just play to the end to determine your fate. This game’s collection has a lot of features that make the games even more interesting.


The choices apk mod come with a lot of features. The features allow you to have total control over the game. Therefore, the fate of the story will be in your hands.

Character customization

For a story to be successful there must be a character. This game utilizes this technique. Therefore once you sign in, you need to choose a character. The character will represent your where you need to make decisions that will bring about a story.

Most people might want the game’s character to be exactly like them. It’s too unfortunate that the game cannot allow you to make the character exactly like you. However, there are a few characters available to choose from. Just choose the character that fascinates you the most and start enjoying the game.

Stories discovery

You will have a variety of story genres to choose from.  The choices mod apk comprises of love, fantasy, magic, horror, and also adult stories genre. You choose the story that you like the most. You can also choose to have an adventure to all or a few story genres. The best thing is that there will be a weekly update for the story genre once you download choices mod apk.

The variety of story genres allows you to have a great adventure. You can discover stories from different genres. You don’t need to complete one story to go to another genre. However, the curiosity you will have to see how the story ends will make you complete the story before starting on another one.


For premium games, there is a need to buy the premium to get rid of pop-ups ads and advertisements. The choices stories you play mod apk may include pop-ups and ads. However, this happens when you need to open a chapter in any story genre.

However, the ads may not pop up when you are in the middle or have already opened the chapter. Therefore you will enjoy the chapter nicely before opening another where the ad will appear.

Unlimited diamonds

For this game, you will get choices unlimited diamonds. You get diamonds in the choice games. The best thing is that you have total control over the diamonds. You receive any amount of diamonds you want. Well, isn’t this amazing. With such freedom, you will never run out of the diamonds.

Unlimited keys

The game also allows you to have choices stories you play mod apk unlimited keys and diamonds. Well, if you thought you will only have unlimited diamonds, I have told you that the keys are also unlimited.

Once you get the game, you will know the role of the keys in the game. With unlimited keys, you just spend the number of keys you need. It doesn’t matter whether you need a few or many.

App Details

APP NAME:Choices mod apk
CATEGOTY:Games, simulations
SIZE:77.5 MB

How To Install

Installing the choices apk mod is super easy. All you need to know is where to get it and all the other steps follow smoothly. We are going to give you the simplest way to download and also install the game. These choices mod apk Download instructions are ideal even for the beginners. Follow the following simple steps to install the game in your android smartphone.

Open the choices mod apk Download page

  • You also look for websites that allow download of the game
  • Look for a single click ‘Download’ option
  • Tap the ‘Download Now’ option. This will direct you to google play store page.
  • From the google play store page, just tap the download
  • Wait for the app to download
  • When installing you are likely to get a security warning. This implies that you need to change your phone setting to allow the installation of the app.
  • To change the setting, just go to the settings option
  • Select privacy and then enable the unknown sources option
  • With that, go back and install the application
  • It will only take a few seconds to install.
  • After installation, you need to open the application
  • Sign up for the game by entering the details required
  • After signing up, you can start enjoying the game.

Final Words

That’s everything you need to know about the choices apk mod. Download this game and enjoy the adventure of stories from different genres. Nothing makes your mind feel relaxed like having a game that you enjoy. The adventure is so real you will have the anxiety to know how the story ends.

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