Drastic Ds Emulator Apk (Updated) Version R2.5.2.2a

Are you enthusiastic about apps? Well, drastic ds emulator apk version r2.5.2.2a is the latest version in the market. The version comes with great features that will enable you to enjoy playing games on any device. Additionally, there are various reasons why you can pull out on most apps. However, with drastic ds emulator for android, you can enjoy lots of benefits.

Besides with this app, it can entirely turn your gaming experience with android devices. With this in mind, we have the below guide that will shed more light on the app. Let’s have a look!


Drastic ds emulator apk is an application that enhances the playing of games such as Nintendo Ds games. The app is popular and has lots of downloads. Moreover, it is the best drastic ds emulator games download on the market. The app can run the games at high speed and smoothly.

Furthermore, its development consists of features that are good to work on smartphones. The drastic ds emulator apk is a paid version on both google and play store. However, the latest version of r2.5.2.2a build 104 is entirely free.

Besides, it is light and weighs about 12MB, which runs entirely on Android devices. The apps also consist of a straightforward interface that works efficiently. Additionally, this emulator is incredible as it comes with features and graphics that improve gaming activities. Such features can quickly transform the gaming experience into something new that is appreciable. So are all its features great?

With its unique screen, you can achieve a twin-screen when playing games. Moreover, it’s an app that works fast, and you will never go wrong using it! Well, you will find out that drastic ds emulator apk features ease its functionality. Every element works well to ensure that the app works effectively.

Moreover, it supports any controller that works with the device. It also comes with inbuilt features that save battery. Furthermore, it helps you play games without the need for two devices. The latest version comes with new modifications and features that you won’t find in any emulator.


  • With drastic apk free download, you need to have an idea of the features to watch out. It helps you avoid downloading the wrong app. Moreover, understanding the features of the app helps you have an idea of what the app contains.
  • The app ideally supports physical controllers as well as add-on controllers. It works well on devices such as Xperia Play and NVidia shield.
  • It allows you to synchronize the games easily you save with the online google drive.
  • With its save ability, you can straightforwardly resume your game anywhere.
  • The app consists of a fast forward feature that maximizes the game’s emulation speed.
  • Drastic ds emulator mod apk allows you to customize the size and the way you place the ds screens. It can bring a portrait or landscape mode.
  • The app can support the cheat code, which allows for the use of thousands of cheat codes in various games. The cheat code also will enable players to compete with ease or can quickly change.
  • It consists of games that match the screen. Moreover, it enhances the game and makes it display a sharper angle of the game.
  • The apps feature buttons that enhance the customization and navigation of the game.

App Details

App Name:Drastic ds emulator apk
Latest version: r2.5.2.2a build 104
Updated on:May 6, 2020
Apk size:   12 MB
Android version required:Android 4.1
Root permissions:No
Available on Google play?:Yes
Main purpose:Free

How to install

It is a natural step to handle. It all needs patience, and you can easily and quickly get drastic ds emulator download on your phone. Moreover, you should note that the app is entirely free. You can easily download it from the play store or google. Below are some of the simple steps that you can consider when downloading the app.

If you are a new android user, always consider downloading the app from the link that the legit drastic ds emulator apk no license provides. Remember that you need to look for the free download link.

On the other hand, if you consider using a PC, then make sure that the computer is connected to your smartphone device. It will enhance the transfer of files from the computer to your phone. Moreover, it is essential to note the location where you save the files.

Then go to the file manager and browse through the files. Ensure that you locate the one that has a recent download. Open the link and start the installation process. Additionally, if you do not have a file manager, you can result in using a third-party application.

You might also receive a declined installation. At this point, go to the ‘settings’ then ‘Privacy’ and then allows the unknown sources to access your device. It allows you to install drastic ds emulator mod apk easily.

With this, you can now enable it and allow installation to take place. It gives you incredible results!

Additionally, keep in mind that the installation process might take about 10-20 minutes or less. Moreover, always make sure that you will have to wait for the process to complete. If you cancel it, there might be a need to start downloading drastic ds emulator apk.

Once you are done installing the app, it appears on your phone. At this time, you are ready to start a new experience in playing games.


Well, the above app is an incredible app for the game enthusiasts of Ds. It has lots of unique features, and one unique thing is that it does not come with ads. That’s means that you will enjoy playing games without distractions. Indeed it’s a great app!

With the above information, I hope that you are ready to venture into this exciting experience. Besides, you can enjoy handheld games at ease. I hope that the article gave you all the answers you need. All the best in your gaming experience!

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