Fap CEO Apk (latest) Version 0.976

Do you consider changing your busy or idle zone? Well Fap CEO Apk app is here to solve every problem. The app comes with features that will help you run a company with ease. Therefore, you might be thinking of how to do it? It requires no hardships to handle this app.

The app helps you build your dreams straightforwardly. It comes with features that help you become a small boss of your game. You can easily hire employees, managing, and developing your business. That’s why the name suggests that you can build your business on this app. Let’s have a look at what it entails.


Fap CEO Apk is a unique app that helps you develop and run your company with ease. Besides, it comes with effortless and straightforward features that satisfy the needs of lonely ambitious men. It is due to the presence of beautiful girls you should employ to help take your company to a dream level. Another great thing is that the games are ideal for play as both multi-level as well as single players.

Moreover, the game shapes men into perfect business tycoons. It is because the game app allows you to get too much money for free. Besides, you can use the money to buy and decorate your employees. To ensure that you y win the game, ensure that you start working on the simple jobs. It entirely revolves around the management and development of the company.


The Fap CEO mod comes with incredible features that enhance its functionality. In this part, we focus on handy features to improve the business developer app’s performance.


Graphics improve the appearance of the app. It helps the app look unusual and exciting and helps to capture attention. Moreover, this app comprises of unique graphics with a 2D format that offers to play excitement to the players.

Besides, the graphics on the women are more to reality. They help the player to play carefully to win their hearts. That’s why these cute graphics play an essential role in the game.

Allows texting and dating

Just like any other company or business environment, this app is no exception. The Fap CEO Apk download comprises of pretty beautiful girls that the men can consider flirting. Therefore, it is an excellent app for men who are ambitious about how to get unlimited replies on fab CEO. You can easily chat with the girls or even consider sending them emails.

However, if you want the company to be profitable, then you need to remove the old girls and employ new ones at every given time. Additionally, it helps grow the relationship and thus develop your business quickly. You also need to use the money you earn to upgrade your employees. It, in return, builds more significant profits for your company.

Chief executive officer skills

The app features skills that will help you become the best CEO of your company. In this Fap CEO android, you need to choose the best players to suit the job candidature. Furthermore, you need to note that you will have to train the girls before you pitch any idea among people.

Therefore, it helps you gain leadership skills. Moreover, note that each of the girls in the app has a different role and talent. Additionally, you carefully need to access the girls before you hire them on the Fap CEO Apk. You also should pay their salaries on time, and as a result, the workers will do an incredible job for your company.

App details

App name  Fap CEO apk
Latest version  Version 0.976
Updated on  April 2, 2020
Apk size  56 MB
Android version required   Version 4.4
Root permissions  No
Available on google play?  Yes
Main purpose?  In-app purchases

How to install it

When it takes straightforward steps to download Fap CEO and install it, well, in other instances, you need to have a completely simple and straightforward process to ensure that you get it right. That’s why the below method will help you attain the best when it comes to installing the app in your device.

First, you need to click a legit link that that will help enhance the downloading process. In this case, you have to conduct significant research on the right link of the Fap CEO Apk app. Ensure that the installation of the fap launcher is incredible.

Once you download the app using the link, then you need to find out the downloaded link. You can directly browse through your file manager and find the right link if you are using your phone. Besides, if you are using your PC, then you need to connect your smartphone to your PC and transfer your link to the smartphone device.

Once you are done installing the apk file, then your focus should now be on the Launchpad. You need to open the Launchpad and run the game to see if the Fap CEO download works well.

If you encounter problems while installing the app, then you need to check out your settings option. Just go straight to the setting options, then privacy, and enable the installation of unknown sources. Enabling installation allows you to quickly and easily install the app in your smartphone device. It is a very simple step to handle.

After that, you will see the app on your screen. Guess it’s time to start enjoying the gaming experience!


The Fap CEO mod apk app is an extremely incredible option to consider for your gaming experiences. With its unique features, you can ideally enjoy a lifetime of enjoyable games. Even though the app has terrible skills, it still beats the market’s odds and outstands. Moreover, the app offers various gameplay options that are suitable for every need.

Besides, if you are so ambitious, then you need to consider this app. Well, I hope this article has been insightful. Let’s download the app and enjoy playing games. Live your gaming experience now with this unique app. All the best!

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