Pandora Premium Apk Updated Version 2004.2.1 [unlimited skips, replays, no ads.]

Have you ever wondered how you could ever create a mini-playlists based on music genre or purpose fulfillment? I believe that there is always that one time when you feel drawn towards certain sound tracks than others commonly owing to mood variations.

Well, you can now create a Pandora radio download where you can customize your track. From now on, you will have meditation music, dulcet sounds, alarm tracks, upbeat songs and podcasts in exclusive playlists.

Pandora premium free apk is available to all music enthusiasts who wouldn’t mind investing in a more delightful sound experience.


Being a media cooperation that avails free content to its users, Pandora has signed legitimate copyright with artists and other sources. It has consistently grown since 2000 and gathered over 40 million tracks on their database.

This goes a long way in enriching the resources of the music application for its users. Besides this, the free Pandora premium apk offers exceptionally remodeled features to make your tastes finer. The podcasts and music tracks are of high- quality sound which you can download while online and listen while offline.

You can also keep your friends in the loop of your music taste by sharing a link to your playlist.

Pandora premium streams genuine and secure content guaranteeing your safety so that your phone won’t contract viruses. With your personalized playlist, you can easily tune in a station depending on your mood and preference.

If it’s during meditation, you will turn on the meditation playlist. I do not know whether ads turn you off because for me they do, I honestly think it’s rude for an uninvited guest to visit.

This is past tense for Pandora premium; zero ads plus versatile selection of music tracks. The hours of listening are unlimited with limitless skips and replays; you can never get enough of this.


Download online, listen offline

For Pandora music download, you can access any available audio while online and download it for future reference. This may not seem refined since it’s common in other music applications however this feature is not available for Pandora one apk users.

Smart suggestion

 The smart suggestion operates based on your preceding searches on the search engine and the likes you give some music tracks. Anytime you type in a song or artist you are looking for in the browse section the feedback automatically relates to your previous searches. 

New searches are stored in the history to broaden the suggestions available for you. So don’t be astonished if Pandora premium apk knows your taste so well that it prioritizes your preferences almost all the time.

Personalized playlist/ radio

I must admit, this is my favorite feature since I know the trouble of having to  play your  manually in an undefined playlist. I think that everyone has that song you crave to listen to whenever you feel some way. You can access your saved radios anytime and assemble new playlists every time you get the chance. Don’t forget to share your customized playlist with your friends to form richer networks with them.

Unlimited skips and replays

It is difficult to stick to one favorite song and taking to every song on the music feed. It’s natural to shift to new habits which is reflects in our music patterns. Exactly why you can replay a song as many times and similarly skip distasteful tracks. Additionally, you can play a song directly without referring to the search engine.

No ads

This is common with all premium accounts in applications because they are aware of the inconvenience advertisements give its users. It’s thoughtful to get rid of them, especially when online streaming music.

App Details

Pandora premium apk has been published by Pandora Media Inc in United States under the genre of music and audio. However, other Pandora music application versions, such as Pandora one apk is under the management of Pandora Inc in US, New Zealand and Australia.

The file size estimates at 25MB with the latest version 2004.2.1. It is available for android devices, Iphones, desktops and various operating systems.

Pandora Versions

It is crucial to set apart the standing differences and similarities between the already copyrighted Pandora music applications. Confusion may stand in the way of figuring out the perfect app to download and install on your Smartphone.

Pandora one apk free download.

This is the most basic version of Pandora, partly because it was designed during the nascent years of Pandora Inc. It excludes all the additional premium features therefore includes infrequent advertisements, limited music playback and non-personalized stations. The app is valid in Australia, United States and New Zealand.

Pandora mod apk/ Pandora cracked apk.

This is like an upgrade version of Pandora one apk. It has advanced through programmers who have access to Pandora source code. The additional features match those of the premium version; they include unlimited skips, zero ads and no timeout.

Even so, it has less advancement than Pandora Premium since it has no subscription. If you are looking for a free, moderately advanced Pandora version, Pandora mod apk is undoubtedly perfect.

Pandora Premium apk.

Now this is what we are discussing. As compared to other Pandora versions, this is the one with the ultimate upgrade on its features. You need to pay for the better service provision that they offer. Apart from never having to cross paths with an ad, you will also get the chance to organize your music track.

Furthermore, all your previous searches will constantly determine the music suggestions you receive. All the latest music tracks, especially those that match your preference will never pass you by. 


During download

It is advisable to have access to high-speed Internet connection during the time of your download. This should settle especially for those seeking Pandora cracked because file providers could occasionally provide 6kb- 9kb files. Stable internet connectivity minimizes the chances of downloading corrupted files. A speed rate of over 200kbps is impeccable for this task for valid file download.

If you download Pandora app on Mediafire website, make sure you are using a robust, compatible browser. Universal browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini and UC browser can access any website and download files. For the app store users, Google Play is perfect for android devices while Apple Store for Iphones.

Ensure that you have secured adequate phone storage to prevent backfired results. I believe that most Smart phones bring a notification on your drop-down screen when there is insufficient storage space. When the application gets downloaded halfway, the file information is generally corrupted.

During installation

Even after downloading the free Pandora premium apk, you may encounter a challenge when you install. It’s because the aforementioned application is created for US residents. During registering a Pandora account, you need to fill in a Zip Code that references your IP address to US.

However you can use a UK VPN application such as Turbo VPN to connect to a US server; applies for US non-residents. Another thing, you need to register a Pandora account with your G-mail or Face book account.

How to Install

If you are using the app store, you won’t need to adjust your phone settings since the app source has automatic access. I assume that you have to high-speed Internet to ensure an error-free and quick process. After the complete Pandora download, click on the install button then launch the Pandora application. You can now create an account and become part of a remarkable experience.

You can also use a browser to access related links leading you to Pandora premium apk download. This technique goes well with US non-residents since you can download the complete Apk file so you can fill all required details.

The Apk file usually provides a US server to solve the location error. You need to allow downloaded files from unknown sources first. Afterward, when the download is complete, go to the file location (the file path leading to downloads) and then click install option. Then you can launch your Pandora application to confirm the success.


I am sure that you can all concur with the fact that one thing that sets Pandora premium apart from Pandora one download is the refined features. It’s quite irritating to get an interruption from an advertisement while enjoying fascinating music.

At least you mustn’t deal with that any longer, plus you get to build your own station based on genres, artists or even moods. I believe that the subscription is a fair exchange for remodeled music application.

Hopefully, you have seen why you are at a greater advantage as a Pandora premium apk user.

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