Project Qt Mod Apk 2020 Updated Version 7.0

Project qt mod apk is developed by Nutaku who are well known for their anime style graphic games. Project qt game is also anime based and it features visual novel elements meant for player satisfaction especially those that are into anime. The game is rated for adults 18 years and above due to some adult content like the NSFW images it has.

Nutaku normally publishes games meant for mobile platforms plus web browsers. The games are free including project qt. it is action game with turn based fighting skills that you will enjoy just like the millions of people who are already playing it. To learn more about this game, I will take you through its features along with key details about this app and how you can get it.

Game overview

Are you looking for a turn-based fighting game? If you are then the project qt mod game might be a good try. When you download project qt apk, you will get to enjoy numerous features such as its amazing appeal that will make you cling to your phone all day long. The game has a great storyline that is simple to understand.

The game is set in a fiction world where the world has developed in both science and technology. Humans in this world seek to go beyond the earth and in the end they carry out a black hole experiment in the North Pole.

Unfortunately, the black hole is linked unknowingly to an alien dimension with existing monsters in form of beautiful girls. The go through the black hole with an intension of invading the earth and manage to cause chaos.

Fortunately, a group of girls from earth embrace the situation and stand up to protect earth. You as a player will be tasked to create a team of your own, join the war and fight to protect humanity. Awesome right? 

Well, you have to get the game to enjoy more because words can’t describe it better. Before I get into details on how you can download it, let’s take a look at its features.

Project qt mod apk features


The graphics of this game are so amazing that they make it standout as one of the best anime games. The characters in the game are usually displayed with a chibi style during battle. This makes them look so cute and beautiful. The chibi graphics are only displayed whenever there is a battle. When choosing your team, the characters are displayed by a drawing of the mangaka.

Cute monster girls

The aliens appear as beautiful girls in this game. This feature is what makes this game popular and more attractive to anime fans. During each battle, you can collect those you defeat as prisoners. While they come as different groups to ensure accelerated invasion of the planet, you will have a chance to fight and capture as many as possible.

You will have numerous chances to destroy the enemy teams thanks to the different campaigns everywhere. The enemy groups come with a commander and once you defeat her, you get to add the entire team to your collection. The more prisoners you get, the more strength you get from them. On top of that, you can use them for whatever you need.  It may sound hard but with the beginner instructions provided, you can’t go wrong.


Project qt mod apk has scheduled weekly events. To have a strong team participating in the events is key. You will have to summon only the best warriors, train them until they are strong enough to participate in the difficult events. The best part is that you can keep taking turns to play allowing you enjoy the game throughout the day.

Connect and play with friends

Project qt anime game is an online action adventure you can play with anyone of your choosing. Play with your loved ones, friends and many other people online around the world. It has a player vs. player mode which allows you to challenge and fight your friends. Go on adventures and make numerous friends with this feature.

Daily quests and Gems

There are daily quests you have to cover daily. Each quest you complete you are rewarded with experience points needed to boot your leveling speed. As you continue leveling up, try to preserve the gems as they will help you upgrade your girls. The gem can also be got from clearing missions, daily quests and also completing different objectives.

App details

Nameproject qt
MOD featuresUnlimited skills
Requiresandroid 5.0
Size50 MB

How to install project qt apk

Project qt mod apk download is easy and it will not cost you anything.

Depending on the purpose, select either the original apk or the MOD version.

In case you choose to install the game through apk, make sure that your phone Is set to allow installations from third party apps. Go to your settings, then privacy, select unknown sources and allow.

Type project qt mod in your browser and choose a link to download the app for free. Click on download and wait for it to finish. Once it’s done, allow installation of the app and you are good to go.

Launch the app and begin enjoying the game.

Final words

As I wrap up, it is safe to say that project qt mod apk is a great action game that anyone looking to go on adventures and make new friends internationally should try. Want to lead a team of beautiful female warriors, now is your time to shine. Stand up and fight to protect your planet in the most fascinating way with this game.

With the best graphic display during battles, project qt game will make you glue to your phone screen all day long. Do not worry about the same missions each time. You will fight in different campaigns against new enemies that you can take as prisoners once defeated. What are you waiting for download project qt apk today and say goodbye to boredom.

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