Truecaller Premium Apk 2020 [Updated] Version 11.9.6

Truecaller premium apk is just what you need on your android phone. Well, how would the world be without technology advancement? I mean, the technology has a lot of input, especially in the modern-day. The highest percentage rely on technology to conduct their daily activities. When it comes to calling and sending messages, the technology applies in many cases. Sometimes people get Spam calls and fraud messages.

Most people wonder how to deal with such a situation. Well, why not just block the spam callers and message senders? Are you wondering how you can do this? All you need is just a single application on your phone to do a lot of call and message settings. Truecaller premium mod apk is the app we are talking about. With this application, you will have total control over any call or message that comes on your phone. All you need to do is change the settings to the one that suits you.


The True software Scandinavia Company owns all versions of Truecaller premium apk for android. You will get a lot of call and message settings features in this application. Truecaller premium apk considers that different users can have different features preferences and needs. Therefore, it incorporates all call and messaging features to satisfy different users. The Truecaller application has over 500 million users worldwide.

From google play, the application has over 12 million positive reviews. This shows that this application is most users’ favorite. The application plays a great role in supporting most people’s communication needs. Well, you need to install this application in your android phone and experience the wonders it can do. 

Do you want to know the ID of an incoming call, block a call or message, see who views your profile? Well, you will need the Truecaller apk file latest version to do all these. This application is a game-changer.


Call record

Keeping call records is very important. You will need to use the records at some point. Lucky for those who have Truecaller app download. All records about incoming, outgoing, and missed calls will be available in the application. In that way, you don’t have to worry if you forget a certain number. The app also gives you the caller ID even if you don’t recognize a certain number that messaged or called you. I mean, you don’t want to know who is calling or messaging them?

Block incoming calls

Trust me, every person with a phone, at some point, has received an unwanted call. You are not the only victim. This is where the Truecaller premium gold apk comes in. To ensure that you don’t receive such calls anymore. If you have the application, all you need to do is block calls from any unwanted numbers on your phone. To your surprise, you will never see the number calling again. This is a good way to avoid people who call to disturb you or even commercial calls.

Profile viewer

If you are a Truecaller premium mod apk user, you will know every person who views your profile. After having Truecaller lite app download apk you will need to set a profile where you indicate your name, email address, number, and other information. This is what Truecaller uses to help another user or even you to identify a caller ID. When a person searches you on Truecaller through the name or number, you receive a notification. The application shows the name or number of the person viewing your profile.

Free call to friends

Truecaller does not only allow you to receive calls and messages. If you need to call or message your friends also, you can do that through the Truecaller premium apk for android. Through the Truecaller application, you only receive the calls that you need to. You can easily block unknown numbers so that you can call or receive calls from those in your contact list.

Block spam messages.

The best thing is that the Truecaller application does not only work for calls. You will also be able to change settings for other communication platforms like messaging. The Truecaller premium apk latest will block any spam messages automatically. This means that you will not view any spam message. If you block a number, you will most likely not even receive their message. THE application may send the message to archive in case you want to see who tried to message you.

Backup and sync

For the important call history and messages, you can simply sync and back them up to the google drive. This will be possible if you have the Truecaller app. This implies that you don’t have to lose contact and important call and messaging records if you lose your device or replace it.


APPLICATION NAMETruecaller premium apk
PUBLISHERTrue Software Scandinavia AB

How To Install

The beginners in using android phones, Truecaller apk free download for android, and installation can seem difficult. Well, that is not the case. Installing this application is very straightforward, whether you have any experience in using android phones or not. Fortunately, this application is available in the google play store. This makes downloading and installation easy. You also get the option to download the application from websites. Follow these simple steps to download and install the Truecaller app.

  • If you are downloading the application from a website, you just need to click on the ‘download’ one-click button.
  • For those downloading from the play store, open the application.
  • Search for the application by just typing ‘Truecaller’.
  • Once you spot the latest version of the application, just tap download or install.
  • Wait for the application to download.
  • To allow the application to install in your device, enable the unknown sources from your phone settings.
  • Once the application is installed, simply open it, set the profile, and enjoy using the application.


If you have not made a Truecaller lite apk download, it is the high time you do so. The features in this application make having it worthwhile. You don’t have to get calls and messages from unknown numbers if you don’t want to. The Truecaller application has made a lot of positive impact on the communication industry.

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